Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hey readers!
Yesterday I had my very first fashion show, I was so nervuus and exited, It was tottaly a rush.
The models looked like dolls and the clothes looked amazing.
Just 5 minutes before the show started, my camera arrived (I forgot it in my house hahaha)
I started taking pictures like a mad person cause I really wanted to show you the backstage.
When the girls starded going out to the catway, and I saw my designs out there, I was so happy, it's the first time I do this and I so want to keep doing it!
hope you like them!


  1. im so into your fashion girl! Plus i think Mexico need to step up in the fashion industry, there are so much talent out there and the world need to see that Mexican people is not just a bunch of "brown/beaner people" we're in a whole other leve, because of the richness of our culture, backgrounds, language, taste, colors and textures that our beautiful land has given us...
    I feel super proud of your work, very Good...
    A lo grande Mujer!!!
    best regards: Esthella Zaragoza

  2. ¡Tu colección está increible prima!
    Es la primera de muchas más ¡Muchs felicidades! <3

  3. ximena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gracias que linda, ojala nos veamos en navidad!

  4. Felicidades! todo quedo maravilloso!

  5. ¡Claro que sí! De seguro será cena en Cuernavaca XD